The Shining

Most people think of the creepy twins when they hear the movie title, The Shining. However, the Wilson’s team can't help but conjure images of the strikingly ugly orange and brown carpet that features throughout the film. The Shining was directed by Stanley Kubrick and is based on a novel of the same name, written by Stephen King in 1977.





Well, Chewbacca is a walking rug really isn’t he?




Game of Thrones

The Night’s Watch is a military order dedicated to protecting the realms of men from those creatures that live beyond the Wall in HBO drama, Game of Thrones. In a 2016 interview, costume designer, Michele Clapton revealed that the cloaks worn in the show are actually made from affordable IKEA rugs!





The Magic Carpet, also known as Carpet, is a supporting character in the 1992 Disney film, Aladdin. He was found in the Cave of Wonders treasure room.

A key character in the film, Carpet is shy, loyal and of course, heroic. Indeed, he saves Aladdin’s life on multiple occasions.

Did you know that Carpet was one of the first computer-animated characters in a feature film?





If you are a fan of Disney films, then you will know all about Disney Easter Eggs. They are clever references to other Disney films, which the animators hide for those fans who love to watch the classics over and over again ... noticing every detail.

In The Lion King, Zazu asserts that the evil lion, Scar, would make a “very handsome throw rug”. Fast forward three years and Scar makes a morbid appearance in Hercules as … you guessed it … a rug!



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Dentist Surgeries

Wilson's Flooring Specialists are experienced in the supply and installation of hygienic impervious flooring for dental surgeries and decontamination rooms, having completed many contracts throughout the North West and beyond.

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Hospitals & Doctors Surgeries

Wilson's Flooring Specialists have completed contracts in many hospitals and doctors surgeries helping them to meet CQC requirements with the installation of relevant hygienic products.

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Wilson's Flooring Specialists have a large database of commercial products suitable for the educational sector. We have provided flooring in schools and colleges for many Local Authorities including Wirral Council, Halton Council, Knowsley Council, Liverpool Council and recently Bradford University.

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Food Factories

Hygiene is imperative when working in the proximity of food production.  Our personnel are trained in best practice while working in these areas. We are proud to have completed contracts for Jacobs Bakery, Premier Foods, Walkers Crisps, St. Ivel, Kraft Foods and Golden Wonder.

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